If I have never done basic exercises before, which class should I start with?

We would suggest you start with Pilates if you like to do exercise which also focus on strengthening your attention and concentration. Whereas, if you like to have fun with your exercises, we strongly recommend Yoga fly or Aerial Dance.


I want to lose weight and slim down my shape. Which one should I go with? And how long does it take before I see the benefits?

Taking Pilates classes 2-3 times a week for 3 months will ensure huge noticeable improvements in fat reduction, all round better shape and posture. Zumba and Piloxing burn calories at a high rate due to the high intensity.


Do you have any long-term packages?

Yes, most of our packages are suitable with students who can continuously do exercises at least 1-2 times a week until they can see the changes. However, if you’re not comfortable to buy a package, we have a drop-in offer for you to buy class by class.


What are the differences between Pilates Reformer and Pilates Mat?

They both share the same concept but what makes them different is the equipment used and with Mat you use your own body weight to create resistance, whereas the Reformer uses pulleys and springs to create resistance.


Which age that we can start doing Pilates and Yoga fly?

A proper age to start doing Pilates is from 10 years old and yoga fly is about 7 years old. However, this also depends on the ability of the children to understand the instructions as well.


If I have problems with my neck, back and bones, does Pilates can solve these problems?

Yes, it does. We would strongly suggest you take private Pilates classes, the trainer will create the exercise patterns which is safe and suitable with your conditions perfectly.


Should I wear socks for Pilates class?

You should wear proper socks during a Pilates class, this is for your own safety and to keep the equipment clean for other users.


What is the policy for cancelling a class?

Classes need to be cancelled one day before, before 9 pm on weekdays and 6 pm on weekends


Can I share the package?

The names and contacts of the people sharing the package must be registered the day of the purchase. The package cannot be sold or given by the customer to any other person non-registered on the package the day of the purchase.